This slow cooker Amish pot roast will make your taste buds sing

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This traditional Amish pot roast is the perfect dish to whip up in your slow cooker for a memorable and delicious supper this evening! The roast is slow-cooked until it falls apart, and then it's shredded and mixed with a flavorful brown onion sauce. The gravy gets a strange, rich taste from unusual components like prepared coffee and soy sauce.
Here you can find a beef pot roast recipe that includes just sliced white onion and beef, as opposed to the usual assortment of veggies included in most pot roasts. Indulge in the harmonious blend of umami flavors created by the sweet onion and salty meat. The lengthy cooking time required by this "low-and-slow" recipe makes it an ideal dish to whip up for supper after a hard day at the office.

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