I always make this for every party, and it never lasts – the mason jar gets polished off!

Marinated cheese, how delightful and easy! I used to help my mom make these mouth-watering delicacies whenever we had parties or holidays. This Herb and Garlic Marinated Cheese dish transports me to that bygone era. Cheese that has been marinated in a combination of garlic, herbs, and spices not only tastes better, but also looks great and is perfect for gift giving. This dish is ideal for anybody looking to provide a handcrafted gift with a touch of class or who wants to elevate their snack presentation.
In addition to being a beautiful complement to a buffet of fresh fruits or cured meats, this marinated cheese goes well with crusty bread or crackers. It would be lovely on its own or as an accompaniment to a charcuterie spread at a laid-back outdoor party. Pair it with a glass of your go-to wine—a dry white or a delicate red would work well.

Recipe for Marinated Cheese with Herbs and Garlic in a Mason Jar