This amazing outcome may be achieved by combining detergent with salt. The process is as follows:

Reasons why this combination is effective:
1. Baking Soda: Scrubbing surfaces with baking soda is a great way to get rid of grime without damaging the surface. It does wonders at eliminating unpleasant smells as well.
Second, add salt. The salt makes the mixture more abrasive, which means it removes stains and dirt better. When compared to other agents, its granular texture is superior in removing dirt and debris off surfaces.
Thirdly, liquid detergent simplifies the rinsing process by dissolving oily residues and adding a cleaning component that helps suspend debris. When combined with salt and baking soda, the detergent creates a powerful cleaning solution.
Uses and outcomes:
1. Countertops, Stovetops, and Sinks in the Kitchen: This concoction is a miracle worker when applied to these surfaces. Use the solution on these surfaces to get rid of grime, food particles, and stains, and they will be spotless thereafter.
2. Fixtures for the Bathroom: Use this mixture to remove mildew, water stains, soap scum, and grime from your sinks, tubs, and tiles. However, it is effective against filth and is mild enough to use on porcelain and ceramic surfaces.
3. Stains in the Wash: Use this potent combination to pre-treat tough stains on garments. Just dab it on the spot, wait a few minutes, and then wash your clothing normally for cleaner, fresher garments.
4. Scrub Outdoor Furniture: Tables, chairs, and benches may be cleaned with this combination. Your furniture will seem brand new after using it to remove dirt, pollen, and other outside residues.
5. Rugs and Carpets: To clean carpets and rugs in spots, apply the mixture, brush the discolored areas, and rinse with water. It helps remove smells and stains, so your carpets smell great again.

To sum up, a simple and efficient multipurpose cleaning solution may be made by combining baking soda, salt, and liquid detergent. An essential weapon in your cleaning arsenal, this basic but strong formula may handle many jobs around your house. See the amazing effects for yourself by giving it a go!